ASCIIArt Documents Archive

Older Documents

These documents have been superseded by new documents, and are included here for completeness only. The older ones may contain unreliable links to sites and outdated information.

Scarecrow's ASCII Art FAQ (old)

An old FAQ list for alt.ascii-art. Still relevant but in some places (especially URLs) out of date. This was originally written for rec.arts.ascii.

Jorn Barger's Technical ASCII Art FAQ (old)

Another old FAQ list, this one is more technical.

WARNING: Control Codes

A document explaining what you should and shouldn't do in ascii art, written by Colin Douthwaite.

Tutorial: Making a Start in ASCII Art

A tutorial written by Daniel Au to help people get started in drawing their own ascii art.

ASCII Art not looking right? Read this!

A short guide, written by Martin Atkins, about what to do if an ascii picture doesn't look like what the creator says it is.

History of alt.ascii-art

A rundown of the developments in alt.ascii-art in 1997/98 written by Colin Douthwaite.

Registry patch to make Outlook Express use the correct settings for ASCII Art.

A registry file and instructions of use to make Outlook Express use the correct fonts and settings for reading ASCII Art in newsgroups.