Ilmari's Mini-Tournament #2

One and a half years after IMT #1 started, it's about time for another Mini-Tournament. This time the theme will be minimalism: to write a warrior in only 4 (four!) instructions. The tournament will consist of a single KotH-style round robin fight - the specs are derived by extrapolation from the pizza '94 and '94x hills, and are given below:

           coresize: 80
     max. processes: 80
           duration: after 800 cycles, a tie will be declared
  max. entry length: 4
   minimum distance: 4
      rounds fought: 146*
    instruction set: ICWS '94 Draft

* Since it would be pointless to fight 200 rounds in an 80-instruction core,
  I will modify pMARS to run every possible placement and starting order in
  a random sequence.

The pMARS command line for the above specs is:

pmars -P -s 80 -p 80 -c 800 -l 4 -d 4

Ken Espiritu has compiled a Windows executable of the patched pMARS used. Try it at your own risk. :-)

To enter the tournament, e-mail your warrior to <>. You should then shortly receive an automatic reply telling you whether your submission was succesful or not. To help the autoresponder work correctly, please follow the guidelines below:

I will save all submissions, and will try to make sure no warriors get left out even if the automatic submission system fails, but following the rules should make things easier for both you and me.

The deadline for submission will be at the end of this month, more precisely Sunday, 31 October 1999, 23:59:59 GMT. While I may accept late submissions for a good reason, I expect to run the battles the day after the deadline, after which no changes to the results can be made. Your may change your submission as many times as you like before the deadline, though.

Everyone is welcome to enter the tournament. All it takes is the time and effort to write four lines of redcode, and the more people enter the more fun it will be. Remember that there are surprisingly many different possible four line warriors - if you don't feel like tweaking your core clear to score one point better than your opponent's core clear, try to come up with something different and unexpected instead. I'll grant an honorary mention to anyone who submits a working 4-line bomb dodger. :-)

If you're interested in participating but not familiar with Core War, try reading my Beginner's Guide to Redcode. Then grab a copy of pMARS and start coding!