ASCIIArt Documents Archive

Welcome to the ASCIIArt Documents Archive (ADA), which contains documents about ASCII Art written by some of the regulars in the newsgroup alt.ascii-art. The purpose of this newsgroup is the drawing and discussion of ASCII Art, and so some of these documents are directly related to the group, while others are general ASCII Art reference.

This site is currently work in progress. You may find that some of the mirrors are inactive or some documents missing. The ASCIIArt Documents Archive will be properly launched shortly with a working list of mirrors and all documents up-to-date and functional.

The most important, general, documents are near the top of the list while the other, more specific documents have been left to the end.

This document, written by Matthew Thomas and later revised by Colin Randall, is the main FAQ list for alt.ascii-art and to a lesser extent the other ASCII art newsgroups rec.arts.ascii, alt.ascii-art.animation and alt.ascii-art.endless-blabla.

ASCII Art Ten Commandments

A short, snappy set of guidelines for happy coexistance with the regulars on alt.ascii-art

All you need for ASCII Art: Monospaced Fonts, Text Editors and ASCII Utils!

In the main FAQ it refers to needing Monospaced Fonts and Text Editors. This is a list of many examples on many computers to help you in selecting one that suits you. Also a list of information on ASCII Art Utilities including FIGlet and GIFscii.

Making your own ASCII Art

A tutorial written by Martin Atkins to help people get started in drawing their own ascii art.

Guide to 'diddling'

Diddling is the name given to changing/improving original ascii art posted to the newsgroup. This is a short guide to the accepted dos and don'ts of diddling ascii art.