The Core War Imp Ring

The Imp Ring connects websites related to Core War, a programming game where warriors written in Redcode, an abstract assembly language, fight for survival in the memory of a simulated computer. If you would like to have your site included in the ring, please e-mail the address to Ilmari Karonen.

  1. King of the Hill --
    This is *the* Core War site. Hills, tutorials, software downloads, IRC channel, FTP archives, mailing list, links, you name it! If you only ever bookmark one Core War site, this would be it.
  2. Planar's archives
    Exhaustive warrior and newsletter archives -- also includes Mt. Olympus, an "infinite" Core War hill. This site is no longer updated, but remains a very useful resource.
  3. Ilmari Karonen's Core War page
    This site includes the Beginners' guide to Redcode, information about a couple of past tournaments, and, of course, this ring itself. Please note that these pages have moved to a new server, which has caused some amount of reorganization and general brokenness.
  4. Philip Kendall's Core War page
    Contains a bunch of quite useful guides and resource lists, as well as an index of past Core Warrior issues and the 1998 Redcode Maniacs Tournament.
  5. Phil Knight's Homepage
    Windows NT/95/98 Core War Programs and Utilities
  6. Terry Newton's Core War page
  7. Christoph C. Birk's Core War page
    Features the Koenigstuhl, an "infinite" hill similar to Planar's Mt. Olympus. Also has a very nice selection of Core War links.
  8. A.R.E.S. corewar simulator
    A.R.E.S. is an integrated development enviroment, compatible to the official ICWS '94 standard. It includes a debugger (Break points, break conditions, a. s. o.), and offers an experimental mode with console I/O for studying the basic principles of operating systems.
  9. John Metcalf's Core War site
    Home of the Corewar library, including tutorials, strategy guides, history and journals. Also contains the nano and tiny programming pages.
  10. Christian Schmidt's Core War site
  11. nMars - Corewars MARS for .NET
    nMars is engine, compiler and IDE for programming game called Corewars.
  12. :: corewar :: programming with style
  13. Neo's World of Corewar
    Contains Neo's mini challenges and tutorials.
  14. XRK - Extra Redcode Kit
    A complete Core Wars development system for DOS, ICWS-86 standard. Support sharing tournaments workload on multiple networked PCs.

The Core War Imp Ring is written and maintained by Ilmari Karonen. PHP source available on request.

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