Welcome to vyznev.net, the collection of stuff by Ilmari Karonen. Here's what we've got so far:

The beginners' guide to Redcode is probably the most popular page here. If you came here to learn how to write assembly programs to kill other assembly programs, get your browser over there.

In the Core War section there's also The Core War Imp Ring, a webring of other CW-related sites. Then there are the results of my mini-tournaments #1 and #2.

There's also lots of ASCII Art. Well, not actually lots of it, but as much as I've drawn so far. I'm also hosting a mirror of the Alt.ascii-art Documents Archive.

Finally, I've got a few photographs online. Not that many yet, but there will be more. (If you speak Finnish, you might appreciate this one. It's an actual, unedited photo from a nearby grocery store. Or try this one — WTF?)

Have fun.