Ilmari's Mini-Tournament #1: Rules

The rules are the same as for RMT round 4, with the following exceptions:

Notes & clarifications

Benchmark warriors

I will submit the following 4 basic warriors as benchmarks; Naturally you may submit something similar if you wish.

If you can't see any logical connection between the rules above, here's a hint: Think "Prisoners' Dilemma". It turns out that the scores of these two components approximate this well known game theoretical problem rather well.

Although no knowledge of the Prisoners' Dilemma, or game theory in general, is necessary for success in this tournament, it may prove valuable not only here but in normal hill play as well. While much of the game theoretical treatment of Core War strategies has centered on the intransitive nature of the game (the paper-scissors-stone analogy), the fact that CW is not a zero-sum game has major implications on the changes in hill balance.

While the Prisoners' Dilemma and its numerous variations have been extensively studied, there's still a lot to be learned in the area. In this case, the challenge comes from the random fluctuation of the scores and the limited information given, both of which make the traditional Tit for Tat based strategies difficult to implement effectively.

I hope that this tournament will help to provide better understanding of this aspect of Core War strategies and to provoke further study and discussion. And of course that you'll have plenty of fun playing!